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Real Estate Investments

We are are a diversified Real Estate Investment firm . 

Investing nation wide in NOTES, both performing and non-performing.

With rehabs and rentals concentrated locally but expanding our perimeter.

Joint Venture Partnerships

We do partner on individual deals from time  to time. 

So, if you have a deal, we are always interested. 

Likewise subscribe below to be added to our contact list. 

When we see deals outside of our criteria, we love to share.

Giving Back

Our investment goals are not geared towards lifestyle or personal wealth. 

Our goals are to enable us to do more for our non-profit Greenawalds Service Inc.

Striving to end Veteran Homelessness and make a difference in the lives of many who have fought for our freedom and liberties.

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A. Horton Homes LLC


P.O.Box 841095, Houston, TX 77284, US

(832) 817-1180


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