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Stacy Thomas - Founder / CEO Executive Director


I have been a dog lover and rescuer my entire life. Rescuing and training countless dogs over the years. I also have a tremendous passion to help Veterans, as an homage to my Grandfather and Uncle who served in WWII (Navy) and Viet Nam (Coast Guard).  Combining the two passions has been an evolutionary process and I now dedicates all my time to rescuing and training dogs for Veterans with depression and PTSD, with the goal to
“END Veteran suicide and save dogs too!”  I have an extensive business background, with a bachelor’s degree in Business and over 30 years’ experience in administrative and accounting details, business planning and implementation and have developed and opened numerous successful businesses, of as many varying interests. I am  also a Texas notary and an independent pageant auditor, and of courses a certified dog trainer and evaluator. I am a family-oriented individual with 3 adult children and 12 grandchildren, so I understand the importance of family obligations.  With everything I juggle, my greatest assets are my ability to multi-task. Detail orientation and organizational talents come in handy regularly, but my ability to improvise and adapt to change is by far my strongest asset.  This is my first venture into the non-profit world, and I am learning a lot along the way. It is very exciting to see the progress being made in a relatively short time span and I look forward to achieving all our milestones on the way to Ending Veteran suicide. 

Aleighsha Tatum - CFO


Aleighsha comes from a strong financial background in the oil & gas industry. She is responsible for planning, development and oversight of our budget and expenses. She works closely with the CEO to develop annual and project budgets, ensure accurate record keeping is maintained and file annual reports for fiduciary transparency. 

Aleighsha also directs a natural pageant circuit for girls 0-18.

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Howard Thomas IV - COO

Howard is our behind the scenes executive. He does not handle our day to day activities, but is all hands on deck at every major event.

He is well suited for this role with an extensive logistical management background. Howard is our project manager and oversees all the "heavy lifting" operational details.

 Howard is also an artist and founder of 

Royal Kloth clothing line.

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Yulissa Thomas - Secretary Photographer & Interpreter

Yulissa is an integral part of our day to day details. She is responsible for scheduling, facilitating and keeping the minutes of all board meetings. She helps with marketing & event planning details, while being our staff interpreter and photographer.

Yulissa is also a professional photographer,  owning her own photography business.

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Janice Breau - Board Member


My passion for the wellbeing of animals and desire to bring awareness to mental illness and PTSD has led me down this path. I have fundraised and rescued, fostered, volunteered virtually my whole life.

Like Stacy, my grandfather, father, uncles, cousins and many dear friends have all selflessly served in the military and in several wars. I feel strongly about the mission of this organization because of the ability to save the lives of not only the veteran but the dog too. So many suffer in silence, we will work tirelessly to bring awareness to PTSD, mental health and save the life of a dog. We all have the ability to step up and work for a cause.  

In addition to all of these efforts, I also have a pet services business  where we offer everything from dog walking to bath time. To view our  services and book an appointment

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Liz Smith - Board Member

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Kendra Hester - Board Member

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Brittany Robinson - Board Member

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Stacy Thomas


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